Computing power grows exponentially every eighteen months. Because of this rapid growth it's supposed to be possible to enter the virtual world trough mind uploading in the couple next decade. This will be a reality which we've never seen before.

I'm interested in the properties of the virtual world compared to the physical world. As a base for my work I use the laws of nature of the physical world and experiment how the virtual world functions under comparable circumstances. Step-by-step I perform tests and document the results. I feel like a scientist: it's like I'm documenting the rules and laws of the virtual world.
The autonomy of the virtual world is fundamentally different than that of the physical world and the tests I perform often result into glitched images.

Jason Terlouw, 1989
Living and working in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Current Bcademie, Rotterdam
2013 - 2017 AKV. St. Joost, Fine Arts, Breda
2008 - 2012 Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, Game Art, Rotterdam
2016 Masterclass by Florian Cramer; 'Autonomie heruitvinden in de 21e eeuw', Breda

Upcoming Exhibitions
6/12 - 15/12 ‘This is not a replica’, S/ash Ga\ary, Rotterdam


2019 ‘Try Out’, Grafische Werkplaats, The Hague
2019 'Bcademie end show', Garage Rotterdam, Rotterdam
2019 Platforms Project, Athens
2018 ‘The First Show’, Bcademie, Sint-Mariastraat 138a, Rotterdam
2018 'NaZomerkabinet', Amstelpark, Amsterdam
2018 '30 jaar Keileweg' Kunst&Complex, Rotterdam
2018 'The_Balcony.png', The Balcony, The Hague (Solo)
2018 Wildeburg festival, hosted by Patty Morgan, Kraggenburg
2018 'Tekenkabinet', Amstelpark, Amsterdam
2017 ‘Into The Woods’, ADE, NDSM, Amsterdam
2017 'Graduation Exhibition' AKV. St. Joost, Breda
2017 Acceleration(ism), De Fabriek, Tilburg
2016 'The Asylum Search Engine', Humanity House, The Hague
2015 'Humanity', Kapel, AKV. St. Joost, Breda
2015 'Beddy', Selected presentation by MOTI, Entrance hall, MOTI, Breda
2015 'Kelder Sessie #4', De Kelder, Rotterdam (Solo)
2014 'XOCO', Atrium, AKV. St. Joost, Breda

2016 'Manifestation St. Joost' The Hall of Fame, Tilburg, NL
2016 Live painting, The Performance Bar, Rotterdam, NL
2016 'The Asylum Search Engine', City Hall, Utrecht, NL

2015 First place with group project 'Beddy' for a competition, run by MOTI and AKV. St. Joost, to make a work that sketches the current asylum searchers situated in Breda.
2015 Third place with group project 'Beddy' after a presentation in Humanity House, The Hague. Judged by the audience.

2019 Garage; Eindshow Bcademie, Lost Painters
2019 Bcademie @ Garage Rotterdam, Trendbeheer2017 The digital landscapes of Jason Terlouw, Patty Morgan
2017 Acceleration(ism), Witte Rook
2015 Knuffeloverschot en beddentekort, NRC Next

2018 Speaker at Tip-Off #2, Melkweg Expo, Amsterdam
2017 Live painting, The Performance Bar, Rotterdam, NL
2017 Live painting, The Performance Bar, Rotterdam, NL
2017 Speaker at Artist Talks 2.0, AKV. St. Joost
2016 Guest teacher at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam
2011 Animator, Iedereen EHBO, Rotterdam